Notes on the new album

Recording for our new album began in July 2016 and concluded in October 2017. Several songs were brought to the studio with completely different titles and structures… eventually getting worked down to their final form thanks to endless patience of the studio. All of the songs were recorded at Bong Island Sound (yes, that’s a real studio) with additional mixing performed at SugarHill Studios and supervised by Whitney Andrew & Paul Chavez.

The first song we recorded for the album was Emperor of All Maladies (July 2nd) and the last song we recorded was Better Half of Nothing, which we wrote in fairly short order and then recorded on December 17th. Funny thing, the solo for that song is from the scratch take, but it surpassed the subsequent punch-ins, so we let it stay.

The song 1965 had a string section that was later removed for the simpler piano melody and cello accompaniment. An orchestral harp player was brought in for the ending of Divinity for the Wicked but that recording was accidentally deleted during the editing process.

No Greater Sorrow took the absolute longest to record — seven full versions of this song were recorded and mixed between July to November with countless edits and overdubs for each version. Eventually, every take was trashed and the band laid down a fresh take on November 26th.

There are two complete (and very different) versions of Sacrifice of a Thousand Ships: one was recorded on August 3, 2016, and another was recorded on August 12, 2017. The 2016 recording is from Bong Island Sound and is what you hear on this album while the 2017 version was recorded at Digital Warehaus (the same place we recorded our last two albums). Why we decided to make a second recording of this song one year later is beyond anyone’s recollection at this point. The 2017 version is lost on a random hard drive somewhere at Digital Warehaus. Maybe one day it will get unearthed and see the light of day again.

We had two separate mixes created for the album: one for the vinyl version and one for the online format. Yes, there are noticeable differences but you’ll have to figure that out on your own.

An endless parade of drum kits, percussion pieces, guitars, basses, amps, old expensive gear (but only two effects pedals!!!), and other “supplies” were used during the making of this album. It’s borderline silly to look back on it all as one would think that it would be so simple: you just sit down with your instrument and away you go. But it’s never that easy; it’s never that simple. As a matter of fact, it’s a special kind of hell we go through making this album… just for you.

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